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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be Risk : Reward Per Trade?

We are taking 5 to 6% Risk on each trade of your Invested Portfolio/Capital. Reward is unlimited as top traders are trend traders so our target price will be never pre decided. Till trend continue we will hold the position.

Why do we do less number of Trades?

We pay no attention to the number of trades as we are here not to trade. In fact we are here to create wealth. Even if we do less no. of trades, we would be able to generate good returns. Moreover if you trade more, you earn for your broker and you also disturb your personal and professional life.

Can you Help me with Basic Understanding of stock market?

We would be happy to inform you that we are more than pleased to make you understand the stock market basics.

Do you give Invoice of fees paid for membership ?

Yes. We give you Invoice via email after Your membership active.

Should i Reverse Position if stop loss triggers?

When Stop loss triggered we will close our position and we will wait for the opportunity.

What would be the segments of trading in HFC Wealth Club?

Segment of trading in WM Wealth Club is F&O AND EQUITY.