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Mission Million Risk Management and Compounding


This is where the rubber hits the road. There is one decision that is made by every single trader every single time they make a trade, and very little thought or analysis is given to that decision.

That decision is TRADE SIZE.

Call up almost any broker and ask them how much of your account you should risk on any given trader and almost all of them will tell you never risk more than 1% to 2% of your account on any given trade. It doesn’t matter what you are trading, what the risks are, what the profit potential is, what the probability of success is, nothing…this is their answer for every trade size question.

And They Are WRONG!

And if you want to know for sure that they don’t know what they are talking about, ask them one simple question…


The only answer they will be able to give you is so that you aren’t risking too much of your account on any given trade. Not only is this the wrong answer, but it is the wrong risk management strategy as well (risking a fixed percent of your account on any given trade).

After the Mission Million Trading Workshop, you are going to know more about proper trade size and compounding than 99% of all traders out there.

This is the KEY to achieving $1 million in profits in the next 5-years.

If you have one strategy that produces $10,000/year in non-compounded profits, that comes to $50,000 after 5-years.

I’ll show you how to take that same strategy and conservatively compound it in such a way that after 5-years, that $50,000 in profits turns in to over $1 million.

And you will be risking a SMALLER % of your account at the end than you did at the beginning, so you know you aren’t being stupid risky in order to achieve this goal.

You don’t want to miss this session, it alone will forever change how you look at trading.

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